Department of English


Literature: News that never grows old.

Is Literature for Me?

It is, if you love to read, both classics and the contemporary.  If you want to learn to write on a sophisticated level.  If you seek a quintessential liberal arts education, a well-rounded background for any career.  If you care about aesthetics (high quality art) and ethics.  If you value literature for what it teaches about cultures, past and present.

While completing this 36-hour major, you will learn to discuss and analyze American, British, World, children's, ethnic and women's literature at a most advanced level.  You will also develop top-notch research and problem-solving skills.

Career options

A BA in literature is excellent preparation for continued graduate study in areas such as Education, Government, Law, Library Science, Literature, Teaching English as a Second Language, and Professional Writing.  In any given year, many of our graduates are admitted to graduate programs in fields including library science, social work, college student administrative services, English, medical anthropology, and law.  Current or former students have also worked for KSMU (local NPR station), Moon City Press, and Teach for America.


Paula Caplan at Missouri State