English Graduate Program

Why pursue a master's in English at Missouri State?

The English graduate program at Missouri State University offers you the following:

  • An opportunity to refine your writing and critical reading skills and advance your knowledge in research and language analysis
  • A chance to teach undergraduates, as well as prepare for a variety of professional settings
  • Preparation to pursue a doctorate in English
  • Specialization in a number of unique areas, including English, writing and English education
  • An advanced education from accomplished faculty members who are widely published and active writers/editors

Choose your area of specialization

All Master of Arts in English students complete 18 core hours and specialize in one of the following tracks:

Creative Writing

Hone your skills in writing fiction, essays, poetry or other creative forms. Build up your portfolio, find opportunities to publish your work and make a living writing.


Delve more deeply into the great works of respected writers and develop your research, critical writing and analytical skills. Prepare for a doctoral program and a possible career teaching at the college level.