8th Annual MSU Undergraduate Literature Conference

Join us April 20–21, 2023

The MSU Undergraduate Literature Conference (ULC), held annually each spring, welcomes undergraduate students from across the region to present their research in a public forum. If you are an undergraduate student who has written a paper that examines a work of literature or a cultural text (such as a film, television series, or video game), the Missouri State University English Department encourages you to submit your work during our call for submissions at the beginning of the calendar year. We also encourage members of the community, as well as family members and friends of presenters, to attend. The ULC is free and open to the public.

Need more information?

Please contact Dr. Lanya Lamouria, Chair of the ULC, for more information.

To present, please fill out the ULC submission form and email it to Dr. Lanya Lamouria. Please type “ULC Submission” in the subject line of the email. The submission date is February 24.