Rhetoric and Argument Writing Undergraduate Certificate

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Writing that informs, persuades and motivates

Use rhetoric – the art of effective speaking or writing – to take stances and promote causes.

Reach your audience in targeted ways. Communicate toward a goal.

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Rhetoric and Argument Writing

This certificate is designed to provide students a focused understanding of the historical and contemporary assumptions of rhetorical scholarship, and practice in developing persuasive written argument through the use of rhetorical strategies to articulate various positions to specific audiences. This advanced understanding of rhetoric and practice in argument writing provides a foundation for the study and practice of law, public affairs, social justice, business, and communications.

Students will complete core courses in argument writing and historical or contemporary rhetorical theory. Students will enhance this core through an elective specific to related fields.

Program requirements (12 hours)

  1. ENG 326(3); ENG 525(3) or 526(3).
  2. Two courses from: ENG 201(3), 205(3), 222(3), 289(3), 500(3); ENG 525(3)* or 526(3)*; COM 350(3), COM 466(3), ECO 435(3), JRN 374(3), JRN 572(3), LAW 341(3), PHI 340(3), PLS 316(3), PLS 317(3), PLS 419(3).
  3. All candidates must satisfy the General University Certificate Requirements.

*either course if not selected for required core

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