Faculty and Staff

As a student in the English department, you reap the benefits of qualified and engaged faculty who come from a variety of research and professional backgrounds.

Dr. James S. Baumlin

I have published extensively in Seventeenth Century English literature (Shakespeare, Donne, and Milton) and in the history of rhetoric (classical, Renaissance, and modern). I have also published widely in critical theories (classical and contemporary)...

Magdalena Berry

Research and interests: Health literacy, document design.

Dr. Lanette L. Cadle

Research and interests: Digital rhetorics, Writing theory and pedagogy, Creative writing, Publishing, Emerging social software

Marcus S. Cafagna

Marcus S. Cafagna

Coordinator of the Creative Writing Program

Research and interests: Poetry Writing

Dr. Matthew S. Calihman

Dr. Matthew S. Calihman

Associate Professor
English Department Graduate Director

Research and interests: African American literature, Race and ethnicity in U.S. literature and culture

Mara W. Cohen Ioannides

Research and interests: Ozarks Jewry, History of Haggadot, Greek Jewry

Tracy L. Dalton

Research and interests: English/American grammar punctuation, usage, editing, Academic advising

Dr. Keri R. Franklin

Dr. Keri R. Franklin

Director of Assessment
Director, Ozarks Writing Project

My research centers on teacher development; professional development; literacy, ranging across areas including technology and writing, assessment, writing response groups; and, qualitative and quantitative research focused on the impact of National...

Dr. Lyn F. Gattis

Research and interests: Document design, Content management, Crosscultural communication

Dr. Martha R. Gholson

Research and interests: Regional Literature, Folklore, Folklore in Literature, Ozarks Studies

Dr. Ken M. Gillam

Dr. Ken M. Gillam

Associate Professor
Director of Composition

Dr. Andrea B. Hellman

Dr. Andrea B. Hellman

Assistant Professor
Coordinator, TESOL Program


Earl G. Holmer

Research and interests: Private and Public Rhetoric, Creative Non-fiction, Travel Writing, Handicapped Issues

Dr. Judith A. John

Research and interests: Children's and Adolescent Literature, Fantasy (esp. high fantasy and dragons), Censorship, Literacy

Dr. Lanya M. Lamouria

Dr. Lanya M. Lamouria

Associate Professor
Coordinator of the Literature Program

Research and interests: Victorian literature

Dr. Danielle Lillge

Dr. Danielle Lillge

Assistant Professor
Director of English Education

Dr. Etta M. Madden

My research, teaching and publications range broadly in American literature and culture, with an emphasis upon utopian communities and literature, American women writers, foodways, science & literature of the early Republic, and prose non-fiction...

Jennifer L. Murvin

Research and interests: Short story fiction writing, Novel writing, Graphic narrative (criticism and craft)

Lori E. Rogers

Research and interests: Discipline-specific Writing, Discourse Theory

Dr. Yili Shi

Research and interests: Chinese linguistics, Discourse-pragmatics, Comparative studies of Chinese and English discourse grammar, English as a second/foreign language

John R. Turner

Research and interests: Creative non-fiction, Scientific literature, Editing, Publishing, Regulatory writing, Online education

Dr. Margaret E. Weaver

Research and interests: Composition theory and pedagogy, Rhetorical theory, History of rhetoric, Feminist theory and rhetoric

Dr. Shannon R. Wooden

Research and interests: British Literature, Literature and Science, Literature and Medicine, Gender Studies, Popular Culture, Pedagogy

Emeriti faculty

Jean Stringam

Research and interests: Research and publication in 19th Century Canadian Young Adult Adventure Fiction, Fiction writing for children and young adults, Taught with Missouri London Program, F2008, Exchange Professor, Qingdao University, People's Republic

Dr. Kristene S. Sutliff

Dr. Kristene S. Sutliff

Non-student Part-time
Assistant Department Head; Coordinator of Professional Writing