Admission Requirements

There are two admissions pathways for the Masters in education in English program:

  1. Current Missouri State undergraduates can apply to the accelerated program through the Graduate College.  See the accelerated admissions requirements
  2. Applicants who are not currently Missouri State undergraduates and who meet the following requirements can apply to the program through the Graduate College

For priority consideration for fall enrollment, apply by March 1. For priority consideration for spring enrollment, apply by October 1. Contact the Director of English Education for more information.

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Master of Science in Education with an emphasis in English

You must either have a teaching certificate in English in the state of Missouri or be eligible to get one after completing the minimum 15 hours in English.

Before beginning the MS in education in English program, you should have completed (and maintained a minimum 3.0 GPA in) at least one composition course beyond the freshman undergraduate level, one course in the English language and 12 hours of survey or period courses in British and American literature.

International student application requirements

International applicants should request application materials and instructions from International Student Services.

International applicants are required to submit the following:

  1. All graduate college and English department application requirements (as described above)
  2. Verification of financial support in an amount determined by the University as stated in the application materials
  3. Complete academic record, including proof of degree attained (Must have completed all requirements equivalent to an undergraduate baccalaureate degree in an accredited, licensed, or recognized college or university, and have appropriate undergraduate training to pursue the graduate degree of your choice) 
  4. If your primary language is not English, you are required to submit appropriate proof of English proficiency. See the Graduate catalog for information on exam scores that demonstrate proof.*

*For applicants who do not meet the TOEFL or IELTS requirements, Missouri State University offers a full-time, intensive English language institute on campus. An online application is available.