Children’s and Young Adult Literature Undergraduate Certificate

Book collection.

Explore literature of the youth

Harry Potter. The Hunger Games. The Dr. Seuss collection.

Don’t just read books like these – take a deeper look at their historical and cultural context.

This certificate can help you expand your career options as a librarian, teacher, editor/publisher or similar roles.

Choose your certificate

Contact the Academic Advising and Transfer Center to declare a certificate in children’s and young adult literature.

Admission requirement

Combined GPA (Missouri State and transfer) of 2.0 or better.

Program requirements (12 hours)

  1. ENG 334(3), 338(3).
  2. Two courses from: ENG 339(3), 533(3), 534(3), 536(3), 539(3) for a total of not fewer than 12 hours in the certificate.
  3. All candidates must satisfy the General University Certificate Requirements.

Completion requirement

Attain a grade of C or better in all courses used to fulfill the certificate requirements.