Creative Writing Minor

The Creative Writing minor will enhance your capabilities in various pursuits.

A creative writing minor with major opportunities

As an English major, you can pursue a writing minor. This 18-hour minor program will give you experience with a variety of writing styles.

Elective options

  • Poetry
  • Playwriting
  • Fiction
  • Young adult novel
  • Advanced fiction writing
  • Magazine article writing
  • Literature for children
  • Modern English grammar

Creative Writing

Bachelor of Arts
Bachelor of Fine Arts
Bachelor of Science
  1. Two courses from: ENG 203(3), 205(3), 215(3), 216(3), 225(3).
  2. One course from: ENG 303(3), 305(3), 315(3), 325(3).
  3. One course from: ENG 500(3), 501(3), 503(3), 506(3).
  4. One course from: ENG 551(3), 562(3).
  5. One literature course (3), for a total of not fewer than 18 hours.

Restriction on use of English courses for majors and minors in the Department of English

  1. English courses counted toward the major cannot be counted toward the minor.
  2. English courses counted toward the major or minor cannot be counted toward the BA Fine Arts requirement.
  3. With the exception of ENG 110, ENG 210 and ENG 221, English courses counted toward the major or minor can also be counted toward the General Education requirements.