Admission and Program Requirements

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Apply to this program through a central application: GradCAS. Review the sections below before you begin.

Admission requirements

This certificate requires a Bachelor's degree and a 3.00 GPA; this certificate also requires additional university and Graduate College requirements for admission to a certificate program.

Program requirements (15 hours)

Required hours

Course Info Title Hours
ENG 640* Small Press Production 3 hrs
ENG 651 Literary Publication 3 hrs


ENG 601 OR

ENG 604 OR

ENG 607 OR

ENG 701** OR

ENG 707**

Choose one course from the following:

Advanced Writing: Fiction OR

Advanced Writing: Nonfiction OR

Advanced Writing: Poetry OR

Graduate Fiction Workshop OR

Graduate Poetry Workshop


3 hrs


ENG 662 OR

ENG 710 OR

ENG 711 OR

ENG 775 OR

ENG 777 OR

ENG 786

Choose 2 courses from the following:

Contemporary American Poetry/Fiction OR

Seminar: Fiction OR

Seminar: Poetry OR

Designing Technical Documents OR

Professional Editing OR

Seminar: Form and Theory of Prose


6 hrs

* Students who have taken the 500-level version of this course may choose to substitute a different course from the list of suggested elective options

** Requires permission of instructor

Completion requirements

Courses must be completed with a 3.00 GPA for successful completion of certificate.