English Education Minor

A minor to complement the education major

The minor in English Education is designed to combine with education majors from across campus. The English Education minor accommodates students majoring in education in other disciplines to have an English minor.

Although students graduating with an English Education minor will not be certified to teach English, students who choose the minor believe it is a good preparation for the Missouri Content Area Assessment (MoCA) exam in secondary (grades 9-12) English. The MoCA exam is the exam given to students entering the education field and must be passed as part of the teacher certification process. In Missouri, when students pass the MoCA exam required for certification in their major field, they are permitted to take the MoCA exam in any other area they choose, whether they have a major in that area or not. If they pass the test, they gain teacher certification in that area. The coursework for the minor can serve as a preparation for the test.


Completing the English Education minor

To pursue the English Education minor, your degree type must be the Bachelor of Science in Education (Non-Certifiable) (BSED). You will complete the "Minor Requirements BSED" section of the English minor.