Admission Requirements

Become a Professional Writing major

To begin course work in the field of professional writing, you initially need to be admitted to Missouri State. Before completing 75 credit hours, you must also be admitted to a degree program. Once you are admitted, we establish the catalog year for your program (if changes are made to your major’s requirements after you have been admitted, those changes would not apply to you).

You may want to declare your major in English prior to completing the hours required for admission into the professional writing program. That way, you can be paired with a faculty advisor who can direct you as to which courses to take and when you should take them. 

Your advisor can also introduce you to extra-curricular activities and other opportunities the English department offers.

The admission process

To gain full admittance into the professional writing program, follow the steps below:

  1. Declare or change your major to professional writing by visiting the Academic Advising and Transfer Center, University Hall 109
  2. Meet with your assigned advisor to discuss admission requirements and to develop a plan of study
  3. Complete the program’s admission requirements
  4. Work with the English department to complete the Application to a Degree Program form (.pdf) to update your record

When you declare your major, you will be listed as a pre-major until you satisfy all admission requirements.