Study English Online

Strong writing skills are a foundation for many fields. A professional writing degree prepares you to work in technology, software development, business, healthcare communication, marketing, government, and many more industries where precise writing and effective presentation is required.

Our program offers undergraduate and graduate degrees you can complete online from any Internet accessible device. Our faculty develop and teach the same curriculum online as taught on campus. Our flexible program allows you to choose from courses such as writing for the health professions, food writing, legal writing, and more to fulfill your degree requirements and your interests.

Which Program Suits Your Needs?

We offer students the ability to take a variety of courses online within their general education and degree program, as well as the ability to take specific programs fully online.  Our fully online programs and/or mixture of seated and online courses offer flexibility for students who can’t make it into the classroom but still want the opportunity to experience the same curriculum.

Fully Online Programs

Undergraduate Programs

  • Undergraduate Certificate in Advocacy Writing
    • This program is 12 hours.
  • Undergraduate Certificate in Argument Writing
    • This program is 12 hours.
  • Bachelor Of Science in Professional Writing
    • This 36-hour program prepares you for a career in multiple industries. Our broadly designed program includes a minor of your choice. Core requirements and electives develop your superior writing and computer skills (highly sought after in today’s content creation world). You will leave with a customized set of skills for your chosen industry.

Graduate Programs

  • Master of Arts in Writing: Technical and Professional Writing Track
    • This 33-hour program is perfect for writers with a variety of backgrounds and experiences. MSU prepares students for the challenges of the workplace with client-based projects and internships. The core requirements introduce research methods and teach students to write for business, science, and technology. Our elective courses allow students to pursue their specific writing interests.
  • Graduate Certificate in Technical and Professional Writing
    • This 12-hour program complements any degree field and will enhance your marketability in a competitive workforce.