Undergraduate Studies

Students discuss class content

Join with others who have a passion for reading and writing

Develop your skills as a reader, writer, and creative thinker.

Discover opportunities to specialize in the many options English studies offer.

Prepare for a professional life where writing and critical thinking skills are in demand.

Why Major in English?

Many students are attracted to a degree in English because they enjoy writing and have earned accolades for their writing skills. Studying English enables students to develop strong verbal and written communication skills through coursework, projects, and experiential learning. Our students develop excellent interpersonal skills including teamwork and relationship building, conflict management, persuasion, and other highly marketable skills. Our curriculum prepares graduates with the necessary critical thinking and communication skills for success in a multitude of career paths and graduate study opportunities.

The Department of English offers four major programs for undergraduate study as well as a variety of minors and certificates.