English Education

Teach junior high and high school English

When you join our program, you will gain the preparation you need to become an educator of the highest quality. You will learn to recognize, accept and enhance the role teachers play in global and national public affairs. A foundation in English education will help you become a reflective teacher, committed to:

  • Enacting equitable teaching practices and dispositions that open literacy learning opportunities for all students
  • Collaborating with colleagues to refine and adjust your teaching
  • Learning from and contributing to the latest research and conversations in the field
  • Communicating your instructional and professional choices to wide-ranging audiences, including students, parents, administrators, and community members

Our English Bachelor of Science in Education (BSEd) program provides the tools you need to apply for certification to teach grades 9- 12 English in Missouri public schools.

Certification to teach

Our program provides the tools you need to become certified to teach in Missouri public schools. With a degree in English education, you will be prepared to teach grades 9- 12.


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