Advisement FAQs

Below is a list of frequently asked questions and answers.

Who is my advisor?

Log on to My Missouri State. Click on the link to Student Records once you are logged into the site. From here, you can find your advisor’s name, email address and your basic student information.

How do I get an advisor?

Contact the Academic Advising and Transfer Center in University Hall 109 or the department of English office in Siceluff Hall 215. The Academic Advising and Transfer Center of the English department staff can help you with your advisor assignment.

What if I am a new transfer student?

Contact James Chang to be assigned an advisor.

Transfer Resources

How do I know if my English classes transferred correctly.

Contact the English department to have a transfer course re-evaluated. A copy of the transfer course’s syllabus may be required.

I am an evening student. How do I meet with my advisor?

If you need to meet with your adviser after 5 p.m., please email your advisor for an appointment. You can find your advisor’s email address in the Student Records section of My Missouri State or via the English department’s faculty and staff page. You may also contact the department to obtain assistance in contacting an advisor, or to set up a meeting with the department head.

How do I know what classes are required for my degree program?

Complete degree programs are listed in the English section of the Missouri State University undergraduate catalog. Sample four-year degree plans, plus suggestions for summer school, are available on the English department’s website.

In order to judge your progress on your degree, you can also get a degree audit report. This report matches completed, in-progress, and registered courses with all requirements of a specified degree program to determine which requirements have or will be met and which requirements are deficient or not yet completed. The degree audit will then list what is needed to complete the requirement. All admitted and currently enrolled undergraduate degree-seeking students may view their degree audit through the My Missouri system on the web site provided they have been assigned a BearPass Number.