Faculty and Staff

As a student in the English department, you reap the benefits of qualified and engaged faculty who come from a variety of research and professional backgrounds.

Dr. Linda T. Moser

Teaching & Research Areas: Asian American literary traditions, representations of race in American literature, intersections of race, class, gender, and sexuality in social identity formation as depicted in literary texts.  

Dr. Etta M. Madden

Teaching & Research Areas: American literature, gender issues in language and literature, research methods, American women’s writing, biography, autobiography, memoir, utopian and communal studies, religion and literature, science and literature.

Michael G. Czyzniejewski

Michael G. Czyzniejewski

Coordinator of the Creative Writing Program

Teaching & Research Areas: fiction, short fiction, flash fiction, contemporary literature, editing, and publishing.

Dr. Andrea B. Hellman

Teaching & Research Areas: professional development for educating English learners, teaching emergent multilinguals, development of academic language/literacy, English language teaching, action research in language education.

Dr. Rhonda J. Stanton

Dr. Rhonda J. Stanton

Associate Professor
English Department Graduate Director and Program Coordinator for Professional/Technical Writing

Teaching and Research Areas: Pedagogy in technical and professional writing, intercultural studies, students' transition from school to work, multigenerational groups in the workplace, recruitment, retention, and recognition in the workplace.

Dr. Shannon R. Wooden

Teaching & Research Areas: British literature, critical approaches to literature, 18th/19th-century literature, creative writing, literature and science/medicine, gender studies, popular culture, pedagogy.

Dr. James S. Baumlin

Teaching & Research Areas: early English literature, history of rhetoric, critical theory, research methods, creative nonfiction, writing about literature, composition.

Dr. Angela B. Bell

Teaching & Research Areas: TESOL, educator collaboration, best practices to support English learners, literacy, family engagement, school improvement, Ozarks studies.

Dr. W.D. Blackmon

Teaching & Research Areas: creative writing, short stories, fiction. Currently engaged in publishing most recent novel, "The Hippie Novel: Throwing Peanuts at the Sun."

Sara J. Burge

Teaching & Research Areas: creative writing, poetry.

Marcus S. Cafagna

Teaching & Research Areas: creative writing, poetry, contemporary American poetry.

Dr. Matthew S. Calihman

Teaching & Research Areas: critical approaches to literature, American literature, African American literature, race and ethnicity in the U.S., research methods in English.

James J. Chang

James J. Chang

Academic Administrative Assistant II

Dr. Mara Cohen Ioannides

Teaching & Research Areas: American Judaism, studies in literature, European literature, non-European world literature, Jewish Literature, writing for graduate and professional schools.

Joel W. Coltharp

Teaching & Research Areas: creative writing, creative nonfiction, short stories, fiction, popular culture, horror fiction, and cinema.

Tracy L. Dalton

Teaching & Research Areas: technical writing, writing for the professions, food writing, English/American grammar, academic advising.

Dr. Cathie English

Teaching & Research Areas: teaching middle and high school English, composition/rhetoric, writing for teachers, Ozarks studies, place-conscious education with an emphasis in community literacy, teacher leadership, composition theory and practice.

Dr. Keri R. Franklin

Dr. Keri R. Franklin

Associate Provost for Public Affairs and Assessment
Director, Ozarks Writing Project

Teaching & Research Areas: teaching of writing, digital writing, the impact of writing professional development on teachers and students, reading, writing, and thinking in the 21st century, virtual education.

Dr. Rachel Gholson

Teaching & Research Areas: folklore, American folklore, Ozarks studies, regional literature, writing and composition.

Dr. Ken M. Gillam

Teaching & Research Areas: public issues in popular culture, composition theory and practice, writing across the disciplines, and music.

Heidi Hadley

Teaching & Research Areas: qualitative research theories and methods in English education, general methods of instruction, teacher identity, religion and education.

Dr. Sean C. Herring

Teaching & Research Areas: technical writing, technology, retention studies.

Dr. Judith A. John

Teaching & Research Areas: children's and young adult literature, fantasy, censorship, literacy.

Amy E. Knowles

Teaching & Research Areas: English education, methods of teaching English, writing for teachers, critical thinking in homogenous school spaces, justice-oriented teaching and learning, discourse analysis in educational settings.

Dr. Lanya M. Lamouria

Teaching & Research Areas: English literature, World literature, modern British literature, Victorian literature, women's literature, gender issues in language and literature, critical approaches to literature, revolution and democracy.

Jennifer L. Murvin

Teaching & Research Areas: fiction, creative nonfiction, graphic narrative, literary theory, contemporary literature, hybrid forms.

Dr. Jonathan M. Newman

Teaching & Research Areas: medieval studies, Shakespeare, British literature, language and power.

Lori E. Rogers

Lori E. Rogers

Senior Instructor
Ozarks Writing Project Co-Director

Teaching & Research Areas: writing for graduate and professional schools, writing across the disciplines, argument writing, Women's lIterature.

Dr. Leslie E. Seawright

Dr. Leslie E. Seawright

Associate Professor
Assistant Director of Composition

Teaching & Research Areas: intercultural technical writing, transnational higher education, workplace writing, police writing, technical writing pedagogy.

Judy D. Tarbox

Teaching & Research Areas: technical writing, writing for health professions, online environments, and workplace writing environments.

Dr. Suneeta Thomas

Teaching & Research Areas: world Englishes/sociolinguistics, Second language writing, linguistics, TESOL.

Alan S. Tinkler

Alan S. Tinkler

Associate Professor
Assistant Department Head

John R. Turner

Teaching & Research Areas: creative nonfiction, scientific literature, editing, publishing, regulatory writing, online education.

Dr. Margaret E. Weaver

Teaching & Research Areas: composition pedagogy, feminist and postmodern rhetorics, collaborative theories, writing center studies, basic writing, and directed self-placement.

Emeriti faculty