Graduate Studies

Become part of an academic community where expertise is valued

Graduate programs in English provide an opportunity for in-depth study and a preparation for additional graduate study beyond the master’s level.

Specialize your education in the areas that interest you the most by completing degree papers and theses.

Work closely with faculty on individual projects.

Why Go to Graduate School?

Professionals with expert-level English skills are sought for their language and analytical skills while public school systems seek well-trained English teachers to develop students' language arts skills. Our programs train students for a number of professional avenues and teach skills that are applicable in all professional fields. These programs also prepare students to pursue a doctorate in English or related fields after graduation.

The English Department offers four graduate degrees with multiple tracks and several graduate certificate options.

Information for Current Graduate Students

Information for current graduate students is located in a Brightspace community site. Current students are already enrolled in the site, and it should appear when they log in to Brightspace. If you need access to the Brightspace community site, contact the English department graduate director.

Access the Brightspace Site

Funding opportunities

There are multiple ways to receive funding for graduate studies.

Graduate assistantships

Graduate assistantships are awarded to students in our certificate and master's programs. Assistantships are generally for teaching introductory-level courses in the English Department, though other non-teaching opportunities are available. Graduate assistants receive a tuition waver and a stipend for fulfilling their duties.

Apply for a Graduate Assistantship

Or you can apply for these graduate level scholarships: