Technical and Professional Writing Track

The Technical and Professional Writing Program can be completed through traditional seated courses or entirely online.

Core requirements (18 hours)

  • ENG 700 Introduction to Research Methods in English (3 hrs)
  • ENG 604 Advanced Writing: Nonfiction (3 hrs)
  • ENG 628 Rhetorics for the 21st Century or ENG 684 Topics in Professional Writing (3 hrs)
  • ENG 684 Topics in Professional Writing (3 hrs)
  • ENG 777 Professional Editing (3 hrs)
  • ENG 725 Seminar: Composition and Rhetoric​​​​​​​ (3 hrs)

Additional degree requirements

  1. Track Options and Requirements.  The tracks described below outline a minimum of 15 additional hours of graduate-level course requirements and electives.  Students should choose electives with an awareness that at least half the credit hours applied toward the 33-hour minimum must be in courses numbered 700 or above.  Students must choose a program track before filing a Program of Study.
  2. Language Proficiency.  The language requirement may be met through a number of options:  (a) completion of 12 hours of undergraduate course work in a foreign language with at least a "C" average; (b) completion of a second intermediate college course in a foreign language with a grade of “C” or higher; (c) passing a reading competency test administered by the Department of World Languages and Cultures; (d) completion of 3 hours in graduate-level linguistics courses (in addition to any linguistics counted in the track); (e) completion of 6 hours of undergraduate course work in computer languages with at least a "C" average).  A student whose native language is not English will be considered to have met the language requirement.
  3. Research Requirement.  A student may satisfy the research requirement by completing a thesis or by completing a degree paper deriving from an appropriate course taken to satisfy a degree requirement.
  4. Colloquia.  Students are expected to attend and participate in academic and professional activities.  These may be scheduled by the department or may include university and community events (scholarly conferences, professional workshops, lectures, and presentations).
  5. Comprehensive Examination.  Graduate students in the MA in Writing take the comprehensive examination during the last semester of course work or later.  The exam is administered in two parts: written and oral.  During the written examination the student answers two questions (one in each of two 90-minutes sessions).  Students must pass both written essays in order to pass the written examination.  During the oral examination, the student will respond to questions based on the student's writing portfolio.
  6. Writing Portfolio.  All candidates for the MA in Writing must submit a portfolio of writing projects (which should include thesis or degree papers) developed during their studies. This portfolio will be evaluated and discussed as part of the oral component of the student’s comprehensive examination.

Rhetoric and Composition track

In addition to the core and degree requirements listed above, students choosing the Rhetoric and Composition track must complete the following courses:

  • ENG 627 History of Rhetoric (3 hrs) 
  • ENG 720 Seminar: Composition Theory (3 hrs)
  • ENG 721 Theory of Basic Writing (3 hrs)

And 6 hours from the following:

  • ENG 623 Writing Center Theory and Practice (3 hrs)
  • ENG 629 Composition and Rhetoric in High School and Junior College (3 hrs)
  • ENG 704 Teaching Writing Online (3 hrs)
  • ENG 722 Literacy Theory and Composition (3 hrs)
  • ENG 792 Linguistics in Rhetoric and Composition (3 hrs)
  • ENG 799 Thesis (6 hrs)
  • Graduate-level courses in ENG or approved cognate area (3-9 hrs)

Technical-Professional Writing track comprehensive exam resources

Comprehensive exam protocols vary by program. The most up-to-date information can be found on the English Department Graduate Students Blackboard site. You can locate the link to this site under My Organizations when you log in to Blackboard. If you still need access to this Blackboard site, please contact the English Department Graduate Director or your advisor.