Graduate Assistantships

Each year the English Department makes approximately eighteen Graduate Assistantship awards to students in our Master’s and certificate programs.  Awardees receive (1) a full tuition waiver for all required coursework and (2) a stipend.  (The stipend amount for the 2017-18 academic year is $8772.)  For new Master’s students, this funding typically extends for two years.  See Graduate Assistantships for funding and eligibility details.

English Department Graduate Assistants are assigned a variety of duties.  The most common assignment is teaching two sections per semester of ENG 110 Writing I.  However, there are opportunities to teach other introductory-level courses, and some of our Graduate Assistants divide their assistantship time between teaching and other kinds of work (e.g., serving as a Writing Center consultant or serving as a faculty assistant).  English Department Graduate Assistants receive extensive training in the teaching of writing.

To apply

Submit the application for graduate assistantship form to Dr. Etta Madden or mail your application to the address below.

* International applicants may be required to submit additional admissions application materials.  Contact International Services for more information.

Applications for Graduate Assistantships beginning in August must be received by March 1st. Occasionally there are positions open beginning in January. Applications for these are due by Oct 1st.

For more information about English Department Graduate Assistantships, please contact Dr. Etta Madden.

Other Graduate Assistant Positions

Some students may wish to apply for Graduate Assistant positions outside of the English Department.  (A student may apply simultaneously for multiple positions, though a student may of course accept only one assistantship offer.)  For information about graduate assistantships outside of the English Department, see Graduate Assistantship Openings

Applications should be sent to:

Dr. Etta Madden
Graduate Program Director
Department of English
Missouri State University
901 S. National Avenue
Springfield, MO 65897
(417) 836-5422